Fertility Care in Guelph

Getting pregnant can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences or your life. You feel ready to welcome a bundle of joy, but may still have lots of questions. My goal is to help you navigate the road to fertility by supporting you and optimizing your pre-baby health so that you can GET and STAY pregnant.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re ready to start trying to get pregnant and want to be at your best health for an upcoming pregnancy
  • You’ve been trying to get pregnant and are frustrated that you’re not pregnant yet
  • You’ve come off birth control and want to know next steps
  • You want to learn how to ‘read your own body’, and understand the signs and symptoms of being fertile
  • You want to know when is the best time in your cycle for sexy time and how you’ll know when to time it
  • You have questions about your hormonal health and wonder about its role in your fertility
  • You’ve heard about different supplements for pre-pregnancy but don’t know what to take or what’s safe
  • You want to know what foods will help enhance your fertility
  • Coffee is part of your life but you don’t know how much to have or if you can
  • You’ve heard about acupuncture for fertility but don’t know if it’s right for you
  • You have internet information overload and want help figuring out what’s best for you and your pre-baby bod

Working With Me

My mission is to help women feel strong and confident in their pregnancy journey so that they can bring more happy and healthy babies into the world. Your pre-baby health is an integral aspect to enhance the health of your eggs and your future bambino.

Your individualized Fertility Care plan is specifically designed to support and optimize your pre-baby health.

1st visit:

In your first visit we’ll do an in depth deep dive into your current and past medical history. Obviously we talk a lot about your hormones and your menstral cycle, but we’ll also cover topics such as digestion, stress and sleep which could be affecting your fertility or uncover opportunities to optimize it.

We will also be looking at possible lab testing. Labs are an essential aspect that can help to clear up the picture on your pre-baby health. We may need to look at your:

  • Comprehensive Female Hormone Health
  • Thyroid Function
  • Adrenal Function
  • Vitamin and Mineral Status
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Sugar Regulation
  • Food Sensitivities

Labs ordered will be specific and individualized to your health concerns and can help to support appropriate diagnosis and supplementation.

What supplements should I be on? What diet is best? Can I exercise? Should I drink coffee? These are all common questions asked when planning for a baby or during that tricky 2 week wait period. Even at your first visit, we’ll discuss lifestyle suggestions to support and enhance your fertility as well as discuss key supplements that can support improved pregnancy outcomes.

2nd Visit: 

During your second visit, we’ll do a full analysis of your lab work. Your current signs and symptoms only tell us part of the story, while your lab results help us to fill in the blanks. Lab work can help us to discern issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, Luteal Phase defects, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease, Iron Deficiency, B12 Deficiency, Food Sensitivities and other common concerns that can affect fertility. Labs also help us to add in any additional supplementation to enhance your fertility and and support your body. At the end of this visit, you will be heading home with your Comprehensive Fertility Health Performance Plan. (

3rd Visit: 

Now that we have your lab work and know your areas of imbalance, we can put together a diet that’s perfect for you. Together we’ll develop a meal plan that supports your goal of fertility optimization but also takes into account your unique needs. Don’t worry if there are foods you hate or don’t like. That’s cool! There’s lots of opportunity to make changes and add ons so you can eat what you enjoy!

Follow Up Visits

Vary depending on our treatment approach. Some fertility journeys will benefit from hormone balancing acupuncture and we will see each other more often. Or sometimes our follow visits will be spaced longer apart. Not to worry, we’ll make a plan after your first 3 visits that best supports your goal of getting pregnant.

Previous Pregnancy Loss? 

First of all, I’m sorry. I’ve been there and I understand you. The common statistic that gets thrown around is that pregnancy loss or miscarriage rates are around 25%. Even though that number tries to normalize it, it doesn’t reduce the grief, anger, sadness and loss that comes along with that experience. And pregnancy after a loss comes with a whole bunch of other emotions, fears, anxieties and concerns. I’m here for you and I want to support you in any way I can. Testing can be even more important with you, so that we can figure out how to support a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy loss can feel very lonely and isolating. So if you are having a difficult time, know that I see you, I love you and I have hope for you.

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