5 Back To School Health Tips for Moms

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It’s Back To School time for the kids which means it’s back to routine for many parents. The summer tends to be filled with BBQ’s, activities, cottaging and camping and routine tends to go out the window.  Most mom’s notice that their energy, sleep and healthy dietary choices tend to be “off” in the summer and sometimes this can bleed into the beginning of Fall.  The start of the school year can also be very stressful as routine, after school activities and meal planning become the top priorities of the day, not to mention all of the other items on your To Do List!  Let’s get this school year off to an amazing start!  Try adding in these 5 Back To School Health Tips For Moms because it’s true what they say…Healthy Moms = Healthy Families.

  1. De-Stress:  Stress and it’s hormone cortisol can really throw a wrench in a healthy living goal.  High levels of cortisol over time can cause exhaustion, weight gain, sleep disruptions,  sugar & salt cravings and depress your immune system.   All things that are not good!   Taking control of your stress hormones and stress levels are vital to feeling your best self.  Try carving out 5 minutes of your day to practice the art of deep breathing. Deep breathing has been shown to help reduce your overstimulated stress response and turn on the calm and relaxing aspect of your nervous system.   You can do this in the car on the way to work, after lunch or before bed.  The goal is to have a 5 second breath: 2 seconds to breath in, 1 second to hold, 2 seconds to breath out.  Remember this is a practice!  You may may not be a champ the first try.  Keep working at it.
  2. Make A Plan:  Meal planning can be one of those tasks that just seems daunting for most moms, especially when dinner time can be so chaotic when you’re running your little ones or teenage ones to and from activities.  Sometimes we get into the habit of stopping at Tim Horton’s or getting pizza as they are quick and easy options.  This is totally fine to do sometimes, but should be incorporated as a treat and not as a staple.   There are 3 keys to success for great meal planning:
    1. Pick your recipes and organize a plan for the week by mapping out exactly what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
    2. Make sure to grocery shop or order your groceries at the beginning of the week so you have the food ready and waiting to prepare
    3. When making dinner, aim to make double.  This allows you to flip dinner into a healthy leftover for the next day at lunch.
  3. Get Some Zzzz:  Set a bedtime for yourself just as you do your kids.  It’s important to get good quality sleep so you can stay focused, motivated and energetic all day.  Aim for a bedtime before 12pm.  Your best quality sleep is anytime before 12pm.  It’s said that every hour before midnight is worth double that of anything after.  This is due to your bodies sleep cycles.  Your slow-wave sleep is the most restorative and occurs during the first third of your sleep cycle.  So try and hit the hay around 10-10:30pm so that you can wake up feeling rested and ready to take on that To-Do List!
  4. Mom Time:  It’s easy to get caught up in the care taker role!  You take care of you kids, partners, parents, extended family and possibly a fur child or two.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting.  It’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well!  Make a list of 10 Things that make you happy/inspired and cared for.  That could be a massage, having a tea first thing in the morning when no one else is awake, getting your nails done,  a hot epsom salt bath, working out, a nature walk with the family etc. Whatever they are, write them down and keep the list handy on you phone, in your journal or posted on your mirror. Try and choose at least one activity a week!
  5. Balance: This is a tricky one.  Balance is something that we all strive for and can be hard to attain.  The key to balance is finding a structure that works with your life and your family.  Your version of balance will not look exactly like the balance I have or the balance that your friends have.  Your family is individual and requires it’s own balance algorithm!     A game changer that I have found effective is to break down my To Do List into Top Priority and Priority. I reassess my list each day to make sure those Top Priority tasks get accomplished and then anything after that is gravy.


To all the moms out there…Thank you for all that you do EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!  You are APPRECIATED! To show my appreciation, I’ve put together 4 Easy 20 Minute Recipes that can help get you started with you meal planning! Enjoy!

Just Click On Picture Above To Get Instant Access To The Recipes!

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