5 Signs You Need A Spring Reset

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It’s that time of year…all of us start to experience this innate feeling of rejuvenation.  Maybe you’re ready to get back to the gym or start walking, jogging or running again.  Or maybe you’re wanting to overhaul your diet and add more whole foods after a winter of comfort foods.  You’re getting tired of your yoga pants and want to start wearing your cute summer dresses but feel like you need to lose a few pounds first.   Whatever your reason, Spring is the perfect time to make a healthy change. However, sometimes the signs of needing a Spring Reset are more subtle.   Can you say yes to any of the following?

  1. Have You Been Moody Lately?  After a winter of record breaking days of no sun, many people have been feeling the blues.  With the blues usually comes the need for comfort foods full of high sugar and high fat content.  This can send our moods on a roller coaster of feeling happy transiently and then the epic fallout.  Maybe you’ve been more “snappy” lately or you just feel like your moods have a mind of their own, either case this would suggest your body’s hormone balance, elimination process or nutrient status are out of whack. Eating whole foods full of protein and fibre and essential phytonutrients provide the body with integral macro and micronutrients that help to stabilize mood, giving you that “life is good” feeling all day.
  2. Is Your Energy Low? Are you sleeping 8 hours a night but waking every morning tired? Or are you craving a nap mid afternoon?  News Flash- it’s not normal to have low energy levels all day or energy levels that wax and wane as the day goes on.  It’s vitally important to have constant energy levels all day!  Energy helps to keep us motivated, keep our exercise goals on track and our meal planing efforts on point.  Your energy levels also directly effect our ability to handle stress.  So if your energy levels are less than a 6/10 (10 being the best), we need to boost that energy level stat.
  3. Are Your Bowel Movements In The Dumps? Yes that pun was intended (my nephews would love that poo joke).  Bowel movement frequency and composition say a lot about our health.  An unhappy gut will cause a myriad of symptoms including gas, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, heartburn, abdominal cramping and that look of feeling 8 months pregnant. Someone really smart once said “you are what you eat”.  So It’s important to start listening to your body and recognizing the signs that your body it reacting to something.  Key triggers tend to be gluten, dairy, soy and processed foods.
  4. Do Your Cravings Have Cravings? Are your cravings out of control? Are you constantly thinking about chocolate or if you open a box of cookies you can’t stop at just one? Is that little sugar monster inside of you screaming for a quick fix? Sugar cravings are a sign that you’re on the blood sugar roller coaster.  It’s important to eat balanced meals that consist of protein , carbs and fat which help to stabilize blood sugar.  If you’re having sugar cravings after lunch/mid afternoon this is a result of the sugar crash after high carb lunches.
  5. Are Your Meals Feeling Monotonous? Are you having pasta three times a week because it’s fast and easy? Or have you been eating out because you just don’t know what to cook?  Myth- eating healthy is boring and tasteless.  I’ve heard this comment more than I can count.  Maybe you’ve even said the classic ” it tastes like cardboard”.  This just means we need to improve your healthy meal planning game!     Organizing meals and being creative in the kitchen doesn’t have to be scary.   Try adding one new recipe a week for a month.   Pinterest is an awesome resource to help rejuvenate your weekly meal plan.


Quick Tips To Start A Spring Reset

  • Focus on a whole foods diet that incorporates lots of fruits, veggies, protein and good fat.
  • If you’re unsure if your diet is planning a key role in you energy or moods, try keeping a food diary.  This can help to identify triggers as well as the symptoms that come with them.
  • Get moving!  Exercise is integral to improving mood, confidence and energy.  Whatever your fitness level, find a form of exercise that works for you!  ie. Gym, Home Gym, Bootcamps, yoga etc.

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