The Secret To All Day Energy

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This past week was awesome, as it was the start of our first Facebook Live Event.  I teamed up with Orange Theory Fitness Guelph to help support their 6 week weight loss challenge participants.   We were talking about the secret to all day energy and the 3 key ways to sustain ultimate energy all day.  I call it the FFP Rule.  Fat, Fibre and Protein!

We also got into a Q&A with members where we talked about:

  • what is macro counting?
  • how much water should we be drinking?
  • what is intermittent fasting and carb cycling?
  • what should we be eating pre and post workout?

Check out the replay of the video below! Please share it with anyone you know who could benefit from all day energy!

Next Thursday October 5, we’ll be delving deeper into the energy issue. We’ll be talking about: Is stress is causing you to gain weight? What is Adrenal Fatigue? How can we combat it?  See you next week!


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