Should You Take Collagen?

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Have you heard of supplementing with Collagen ?  Have you ever wonder if it’s worth the hype?  Today we’re going to be looking at this super popular supplement and identifying the 4 Health benefits of taking Collagen, so stick around !

So in practice, a supplement I’m consistently being asked about is Collagen and what inevitably follows next is, should I be taking it? 

Before we move any further, we need to understand what collagen is: 

Collagen is  the protein glue that holds your entire body together.  This protein powerhouse helps to form the connective tissue structures in your body such as skin, hair, nails, joints and bones.  Your body naturally produces collagen every day. But over time, that production slows down. We have an enzyme in our skin called collagenase, which breaks down collagen.   After the age of 25, we start to break down more collagen than we can make.   It’s why we start to see fine lines and wrinkles as we age.  When taking Collagen protein as a food or as supplement,   it can help to reduce wrinkles, increase skin hydration and support health bones and joints.  

So that leads us into our Top 4 Top Health Benefits of Collagen:

  1. Skin, and Anti Aging- As we  said earlier, as you age , your production of collagen decreases  and you may start to notice skin changes.  Fine lines, wrinkles are a common feature of aging.  That’s why collagen is so popular in the anti-aging community.  When you supplement with the collagen the main building block of skin , it can go a long way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Some research suggests that by supplementing with collagen peptides for 4 weeks it can visibly reduces wrinkles. 
  1. Hair and Nails– Again, as we age, the destruction of collagen is greater than our ability to make it.  This results in hair and nail changes.  You may start to notice thinning hair and breaking or peeling nails.  We supplementing with collagen, the mail components of buliding hair and nails, you’ll start to improve the health of your nails and have more lush looking hair.
  1. Joint Health– Collagen allows your joints, tendons, and ligaments to glide and move easily. With age, and as your collagen production depletes, your joints can become stiff, swollen and painful.  This may even cause issues with movement and mobility.  Collagen contains the amino acids glycine and proline, which help to support joint integrity as well has help to reduce inflammation.  Research shows that subjects supplanting with collagen peptides for 6 weeks notices a marked reduction in pain and stiffness. 
  1. Leaky Gut – Did you know that 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut?  One of the main reasons I use collagen supplementation is to help repair a leaky gut. Leaky gut occurs when your body is responding to toxins, food particles, and infections that are creating inflammation at the gut level. This inflammation can lead to gas, bloating, fatigue, hormone imbalances an anto-immune concerns. Collagen acts like the plug that helps to stop the ‘leakiness’ of the digestive tract and reduce inflammation.  

Where can we find it?

You can add more collagen into your diet by consuming bone broth or organ meets.  However, if these aren’t part of your diet or you don’t have time to make bone broth, you may want to think about adding in a supplement. 

What Supplement is best? 

You want to look for a supplement with hydrolyed collagen or collagen peptides to make it more easy to absorb and digest.  The better it’s absorbed and digested, the better the body can utilize it.  Most often you’ll find it as a powder at 2.5-5 g per scoop.  You’ll also want to look for a product that indicates the collagen protein is from a grass-fed product with no added fillers like gluten, dairy, soy or corn.  

How do I use it? 

Collagen Powder is easy to add into smoothies, baked goods, soups and coffee.  Look for a flavourless formula that blends in quickly without clumping

There you have it, Collagen can be a really great addition to support Skin, nails ,hair, joint health and improve digestive health.  You can either add homemade bone broth on the daily or think about supplementing with a quality collagen peptides product.  

Remember, Collagen is most easily absorbed as collagen peptides or hydorlyzed Collagen and you want it to be free from any fillers and sourced from gross fed cows or high quality marine sources.  

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  • Marg

    Your article talks about collagen powders but what about pills /capsules?

  • mary

    Just an FYI, there is a typo :
    Where Can We Find It?
    You can add more collagen into your diet by consuming bone broth or organ meets.

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